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Introducing the epitome of eerie elegance: behold the Rotten Pumpkin Stack, a macabre masterpiece meticulously crafted to send shivers down your spine and ignite the spirit of the Halloween season. Standing gallantly at just over 3 and a half feet tall, this ghastly creation is a testament to the artistry of decay.

Each pumpkin in the stack is carefully chosen for its decrepit charm, its surface adorned with gnarled wrinkles and ominous blemishes, capturing the essence of nature's relentless grip. But it is the meticulous attention to detail that truly sets this stack apart. As you draw near, you'll find no corner untouched by the hands of our skilled artisans.


Gently rotting away, the pumpkins reveal their innermost secrets; their guts spill forth in a ghastly display of decay. Fibrous tendrils drape ominously over the edges, while the faint aroma of decomposition hangs in the air, adding an unsettling authenticity to the scene.


Yet, it's not just the outward appearance that captivates, but the subtle nuances that lie beneath the surface. Each pumpkin's flesh, painstakingly carved to mimic the gradual decomposition process, reveals layers of texture and depth that evoke a sense of awe and intrigue.


Whether displayed as a haunting centerpiece or as a chilling addition to your haunted decor, the Rotten Pumpkin Stack is sure to be the crowning jewel of any Halloween gathering. So, dare to embrace the beauty in decay, and let this spine-chilling creation cast its spell upon you.

Rotten Pumpkin Stack

300,00$ Prix original
250,00$Prix promotionnel
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